Our Vision & Mission

Building community in the hearts of industrial hygienist

Our Vision

Significantly add to the wellbeing of the individual and the community at large by providing pioneering technologies and techniques to ensure Hygiene and Safety at the workplace. To help in community-based approaches by connecting recognized industry experts, leaders, scientists and institutions.

Our Mission

  • To spread awareness and educate people about Industrial Hygiene and Safety issues at the workplace by providing feasible controls.

  • Provide services to design and renovate the workplace as per the ergonomic principles.

  • Conduct training programmes, and seminars for industries, workplaces, and educational institutes regarding the health hazards and necessary precautions to avoid adverse health effects with the help of association.

  • Educate management, supervisors and workers regarding industrial hygiene and safety-related problems and their effect on the human body.

  • Development of various analytical methods for various types of workplace sampling

  • Run short term and long term certification courses for Individuals, Members and Institutions for learning and exposure.

  • Conduct epidemiologic studies to find the prevalence of occupation-related issues and diseases.

  • Providing a platform to the various organisation to work on collective and community-based approaches.