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01/Feb/2023 06:55 AM

Nomination for Central Industrial Hygiene Association (CIHA), India Board Members and Volunteers

Nomination Deadline: February 20, 2023 Download attachment for more details.

26/Feb/2022 06:25 AM

Opportunity for volunteers to join CIHA board as board members.

For more details, pls go through below link and submit your nomination form or contact-us

26/Feb/2022 06:24 AM

CIHA is approved member of OHTA (Occupational Hygiene Training Association) from Dec 2020

The board of OHTA singed MOU with CIHA for promoting the use of OHTA modules.

26/Feb/2022 06:23 AM

CIHA is now a member of IOHA from January 2018.

26/Feb/2022 06:21 AM

Mr. Maharshi Mehta is Board member of IOHA.