Central Industrial Hygiene Association

Our Vision

To add significantly to our enduring civilizational tradition of pioneering excellence in learning, enlightenment and self-realization, in a universally relevant context. The central industrial hygiene association will be the recognized leader in providing hygiene and health solutions for reducing unintentional deaths and disabling injuries.

Our Objectives

  • Awareness of industrial hygiene and health related issues in various industries
  • Reduce work place health hazards by giving appropriate and feasible controls to protect the health of the employees.
  • To provide safe workplace environment by introducing a working knowledge of the fundamentals of hazard recognition, evaluation and control.
  • Design/Redesign of workplace as per ergonomic principles
  • Conduct training programmes for various chemical and engineering industries in plant and institute by counseling employees regarding the health hazards and necessary precautions to avoid adverse health effects.
  • Educate management, supervisors and workers regarding industrial hygiene and health related problems and its effect on human body.
  • Cost effective consultancy for industries.
  • To educate about national & international regulations and laws that involves safety and health in the workplace.
  • Promotion of research & development activities in the industrial hygiene field.
  • Development of analytical methods for collected air samples.
  • Short term certificate courses in institute for members and nonmembers of association.
  • Conduct of epidemiologic studies to uncover the presence of occupational-related illness.
  • Getting affiliated with international bodies in the same field.

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