Central Industrial Hygiene Association

CIHA Conference 2020

Conference: 3-5th Feb 2020

Location: WELCOM Hotel Dwarka (ITC), Delhi, India

PDC: 5 Feb 2020

PDC : Local Exhaust Ventilation – Design, Evaluation and Maintenance

CIHA Conference 2019

Conference: 7-9th Jan 2019

Location: Novotel Hotel, Ahmedabad, India

PDC: 9 Jan 2019

PDC : Development and Implementation of Risk Based Control Technologies to manage/mitigate Industrial Hygiene Risk

CIHA Conference 2018

Conference: 23-24th Jan 2018

Location: Novotel Hotel, PUNE

PDC: 22nd Jan 2018

PDC -1 : Exposure Judgment Data Interpretation workshop with “IH Gameshow”

PDC-2: Rolling the dice for risk assessment

CIHA Conference 2017

Conference: 6-7th Feb 2017

Location: Oberio Trident, MUMBAI

PDC: 8th Feb 2017

PDC : High Potential Compound Handling in Pharmaceutical Industries

CIHA Conference 2016

Conference: 15-16  Feb 2016

Location: Vivanta Taj, BANGALORE

PDC: 17th Feb 2016

PDC -1 : Building EHS Leadership Qualities — A short course from AIHA Future Leadership Institute

PDC-2: Introduction to Ergonomic Principles, Risk Assessment and Control Strategies

CIHA Conference 2015

Conference: 11-12th  Feb 2015

Location: The Westin, MUMBAI

PDC: 10th Feb 2015

PDC -1 : Local Exhaust Ventilation Design and Maintenance

PDC-2: Applied Exposure Assessment and Control Banding

CIHA Conference 2014

Conference: 13-14  Feb 2014

Location: The Westin, MUMBAI

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