Central Industrial Hygiene Association

Glimpse of Members

Maharshi Mehta

Immediately after witnessing success of MIHS program at Sardar Patel University, CIHA was established to harness potential of health and safety professionals to work towards reducing health risk in India through CIHA. The process of establishing CIHA as non-profit organization was a daunting task. Miresh, Viren, alumni of MIHs program, filled out several forms and made endless visits to cherty commissioner’s office. Finally, CIHA was established as non-profit organization with a caveat that the Association cannot use the word “Indian” or “National” and hence finally the name Central Industrial Hygiene Association was finalized. CIHA is the national organization and not limited to central India.
Since establishing the association, young IH and safety professionals have started participating in various initiatives including offering of International Industrial Hygiene Conferences. The momentum is built up. CIHA offered 5 conferences every year covering about 500 particiapnts.
CIHA will continue to grow only with inclusion of all governmental and not-governmental associations and professionals working in all sectors. CIHA will continue to grow with the voluntary contribution, few hours in a week for CIHA, from industrial hygienists in India. Eventually, capital fund built from activities like CIHA conferences needs to be used for establishing CIHA office and hiring paid professionals to focus on administration of CIHA.
We have been able to accomplish all of the above thanks to the pivotal support from American Industrial Hygiene Association. Contribution of associations like American Board of Industrial Hygiene and International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) has provided additional much needed support to the association.

I am also pleased to announce that CIHA is now part of IOHA.
Personally, for me establishing MIHS program and CIHA has been most rewarding and memorable journey. Now the MIHS program and CHIA are in the hands of growing EHS professionals. Best wishes!

Viren Shah

“I still remember, somewhere in year 2000, Maharshi hosting a lunch at a famous Mumbai restaurant in the suburb of Worli. The CIHA was founded amongst a discussion with like minded people and senior Health & Safety leaders and regulators. Since then CIHA has been doing pioneering work to collaborate and raise awareness in the field of Industrial Hygiene. The strong support from the Industry and Industrial Hygiene associations across the globe has been the backbone of CIHA.”

- Viren , a CIHA board member hails from the second batch of Industrial hygienists from the India’s premier master’s in industrial Hygiene program. He currently works at a Multi national company in the middle east and is responsible for application engineering in Personal Protective equipment. He has had the privilege to train thousands of industrial workers and health and safety managers both in India and the middle-east and has worked on various PPE regulations in India.

Amit Raiyani

For me, the central industrial hygiene conference has been pioneer for achieving my dream credential Certified Industrial Hygienist, I still remember that day when I received fees waiver for examination offered by American Board of Industrial Hygiene in 3rd CIHA conference held at Bengaluru. Today Conference generated lot of ideas about how to continue to expand my skills and technical knowledge supports me a lot as a professional industrial hygienist. I feel like it helped me get out of a “rut”. I have been the member of CIHA since beginning of the conference. Excellent speakers across the globe delivered technical PDC, workshop and dynamic topics to increase awareness at international level.

- Amit Raiyani, a CIHA board member, 9th batch from MIHS and currently working in one of the world’s largest refinery and petrochemical complex. Having expertise in occupational health risk assessment, IH management in turnarounds, specialized industrial hygiene knowledge in exposure management strategies, ergonomic program, physical hazards, biological sampling, control bandings, local and international standards and regulations etc.

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